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An assassin is after a Saudi prince but wouldn't shoot his decoy. Deeks and Kensi are still waffling on a wedding date. Sam and Callen get assigned protection duty for the prince. The agent in charge of the detail is Brian Bush, the agent who sent Callen's father to Iran. Prince Kamal is in town for business meetings. Sam talks Kamal into allowing them to be part of his detail. Eric hacks the tracker from the limo, which helps them find a hotel which the assassin visited. They find a massage therapist tied up there. A female impersonates her at the prince's hotel, but Sam and Callen interrupt. Callen sees as she flees that it's Joelle. Eric, Kensi, and Deeks find out that Joelle is still alive and that the other three had faked her death. Joelle had been investigated TGS, a shady cartel. Joelle turned herself in to Callan. Joelle says TGS wants Kamal dead. Kamal agrees to cancel the rest of his trip. Callen wants Joelle to work with Eric and Nell to identify the assassin. Sam talks Bush into moving Kamal on the ground and sending the decoy on the chopper. Joelle talks Callen into letting her on site to ID the assassin. Kensi has her gun sighted on Joelle just in case she plans a double-cross. A man on the helipad shoots at Bush, but the wounded Bush kills him. A woman downstairs tries to kill Kamal, but everyone shoots her. Bush apologizes to Callen about his part in Callen's father being exchanged. Kensi and Deeks are freaking out about their wedding, but Sam tells them to get married on their own terms. Joelle's investigation is bringing down TGS. Callen takes Joelle back to her family, but she turns away after he's left. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

You need to be alive to do that.

Sam [to Prince Kamal]

Progress is fine, but equality would be better.

Kensi [to Deeks]