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Fatima gets caught in an ambush while on a secret mission to capture a high-value target in the Sinai Peninsula. Hetty sends Sam and Callen there. Nell and Eric are looking into the bogus intel that resulted in the ambush. Left behind by the assault team, Fatima is shot then captured by jihadists. Hetty suggests to Eric what rally point to which Fatima will head. Navy SEAL Senior Chief Frank Wallace brings the SEAL mission plan to Ops. Sabatino is waiting for Sam and Callen. They draft him to help them find Fatima. Fatima claims to be a CNN reporter and asks to interview their leader, Cobra. Instead, he plans to ransom her for a half-million dollars. She tries to escape but is soon outnumbered. Nell locates a short broadcast from Fatima indicating her destination. Sam, Callen, and Sabatino go back to the compound to search for clues. Nell finds an internet video with the jihadists asking for a half-million-dollar ransom within 24 hours. Callen discovers Fatima was captured. Hetty is having Kensi and Deeks talk to Fatima's parents about negotiating with the jihadists. Sabatino knows someone who might know who the jihadists are, Kadri Kashan Kahn. He's a deep-cover CIA agent collecting intel as a smuggler. At first, he refuses to help for fear of blowing his cover, but he gives in and arranges to meet them in two hours. Fatima's parents record a video promising to pay the ransom to the jihadists. Callen offers to go in as Kadri's hostage, to be traded for Fatima. Sam plans to take out Cobra's guards after Kadri takes Callen inside the tunnel. They rescue Fatima before Kadri blows up the tunnel with a rocket launcher. Fatima calls her parents as soon as she is free.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 16 Quotes

Thank you, Martin. I appreciate the gesture even if I don't share your optimism.

Hetty [to Deeks]

I don't care if he's in a damn coma. Wake him up!