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A SEAL team leader has a squad photo taken with an injured Taliban. "Mac" McKenzie orders Sam and Callen to investigate charges against Navy Chief Petty Officer Thomas Argento for murdering a Taliban soldier. Of the two complainants, Kendricks has disappeared and Barr won't make a statement without him. Deeks and Kensi find Kendricks, who says Argento was sending threatening texts. He adds that Argento killed civilians as well. Barr and Kendricks demand immunity from prosecution. Sam, Callen, and Roundtree head to Afghanistan, where they meet Frank Wallace. They go off the grid to avoid detection by Argento. A young witness runs from Roundtree, luring the rest into a trap by Afghani militia. Immunity won't be granted for Barr and Kendricks. The Afghans who captured the Americans are seeking vengeance for the man Argento killed. The witness, Barr, and Kendricks describe the murders of the sedated prisoner and two civilians. Mac warns Kensi and Deeks about the political heat she's getting from above. The Afghans are deciding whether to turn over the Americans to the Taliban. Argento attacks the basement where the Americans are being held, declaring they are Taliban. One Afghan shouts out that they have American captives and but Argento's squad keeps shooting, even after Wallace pokes his head up. Sam goes out waving a white flag to negotiate with the SEALs. Argento decides to attack anyway under the guise of rescuing Sam. Mac gets the quick-reaction force sent but they will take too long. Argento's men turn on him. Sam gets the Afghans to drop their guns. All the Afghans go free. Sam arrests Argento and his men don't move. Argento's men all swear out statements against him. Sam and Callen invite Roundtree to join the OSP but he wants to think about it. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 22 Quotes

If it's true, are you prepared to go after one of your own?

Callen [to Sam]

A little bird told me you bought a salad spinner.

Sam [to Callen]