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Callen returns from vacation. Deeks broke his big toe but won't say how. An FBI safehouse was allegedly torched by an arsonist and the DOJ has asked for NCIS's help. Kensi and Fatima question FBI Agent Rush. Rush explained that Patricia Ruiz, a Venezuelan political activist seeking asylum, was being protected there by two agents.But she won't say to where Ruiz was relocated. An LAFD chief confirms the fire was set. Deeks is concerned Eric is missing Nell and tries to get him to talk. Kensi slips a tracker on Rush's car. One of the teens burglaring a nearby house describes a man he saw coming out of the fire. Sam and Callen track Rush to the new safehouse. They interrupt two people trying to abduct Ruiz but who escape them. NCIS takes Ruiz under their protection because they fear there's a mole inside the FBI. Kensi gets a list of names from Rush of who knew of Ruiz's itinerary, which is three pages long. Another building goes up in flames which has nothing to do with Ruiz or the FBI, with the same arson pattern as the safehouse. The same man called in both fires. Ruiz identifies a man from near the abduction scene, Miguel Perez, who works for the Venezuelan armed forces and arrived with five other men the day before. Rush's boss Agent Munger takes Ruiz. Sam, Callen, and Kensi fake out the Venezuelans. A firefighter actually set both arson fires. Ruiz gets political asylum. Eric considers leaving as well to start a new tech company. Deeks and Eric hug. Deeks' broken toe was the result of a heavy box Kensi left in the middle of a highway. Callen starts to tell Kensi about his vacation when Deeks trips over another box. Sam goes to see Katherine. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 20 Quotes

Eric: This is getting weird.
Deeks: Then let's get weird together.

We're like NCIS agents by day, CPAs by night.

Kensi [to Fatima]