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Rhea Moretti, a former NCIS tech operator, gets attacked in a comedy club. Deeks freaks out over a bad online review. Callen is looking at real estate. Kensi tells Fatima she needs a life outside of NCIS. NCIS Agent Robert Forbes is missing. Sam and Callen goes to Forbes' house where they catch Rhea trying to break in. Rhea said arms dealer Andreas Vargas is trying to kill her and Forbes. Forbes, a recovery alcoholic, has been frequenting a wine dealer lately. Forbes went to the border in a rental car the previous day. Sam thinks Forbes may be working with Vargas. Kensi keeps suggesting ways that Fatima could come out of her funk. Eric tracks down the owner of the gray car Moretti saw outside the club. Sam and Callen go to talk with the owner, Perry Bellamy. Fatima and Kensi pick up Ellie Martinez, the wine dealer Forbes frequented. Callen tells Sam Anna likes to look at houses. Bellamy tried to run but Sam catches him. Bellamy supplied guns to Vargas and his men and says that Vargas was after something that had been taken from him. Rhea thought Forbes had taken an informant from Vargas. Ellie was hiding other abused women. Forbes brought his informant, Vargas's wife Lorena, to her to hide. Eric locates Bellamy's stolen car and Sam and Callen rescue a badly-beaten Forbes. Kensi and Fatima could be walking into an ambush. They get there just ahead of Vargas's men, with Sam and Callen arriving just after that. The battle is over quickly. Vargas found the address by ransacking Ellie's house. Fatima got tickets to an Eagles' concert for her and Kensi. Deeks' bar is swamped with customers. Eric still hasn't figured out his speech but Deeks helps him. Rhea returns to the comedy club. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 21 Quotes

Fatima: Every time I go out there, a tiny piece of my soul dies.
Kensi: It's dating, not a war zone.

I suggest you meet me at work or Hetty will find an edgy and provocative way to fire you.

Eric [to Deeks]