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Nell has the team searching for "The Cube," a $40 million painting that was stolen two years ago. Sam and Callen go to interrogate the Garcias, a couple pictured with the painting on their home's wall six months ago. They're confronted by Detective Claire Taylor of the LAPD art theft unit. Kensi and Deeks try to interview Jean Chu, from whom the painting was stolen, who is unhelpful. Sam and Callen meet Katherine Casillas, an insurance broker, who told Jean not to cooperate. The Garcias are no help either. Sam has Nell run their financials. No one knew Jean had the painting. The Garcias run fake prescription drugs on the black market. Nell, Deeks, and Kensi fear the painting is being sold to fund terrorist activity. Deeks and Kensi speculate that the Garcias used their drug profits to buy the painting. The Garcias admit to that but don't know to whom they sold it. Katherine suggests sending Kensi go undercover at a gallery to get the painting back and sends over an outfit for her. Kensi asks Kim the gallery owner for something more "off market." Sam and Katherine debate the value of art. Nell hears rumors of the painting being moved. Deeks and Callen go to the address she found but the painting is gone. The number which Kim gives to Kensi traces back to auctioneer Christina Ng. Two men attack Christina with a knife, cutting her. Kensi and Deeks catch them. But Christina has lost track of the painting's location. Christina said a Saudi family wanted to use the painting to fund a cache of explosives. Nell finds family members in the ballroom of a local hotel. They try to run but the team captures them. The painting goes back to Jean. Katherine owns the insurance agency. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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