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Igor One, Kirkin lieutenant, hands a hood to a surfing Deeks before abducting him. Kilbride tells Fatima and Roundtree to pack up Hetty's stuff but Nell stops them.

Nell is officially given the operations manager job but she's uncomfortable with taking it without Hetty's blessings. He tells her to take the position or quit. A bored Sam takes on a case about a dead dolphin implanted with a Russian microchip.

Nell vents to Callen but decides to deal with Kilbride on her own. Kirkin's will left Deeks in charge of his whole criminal enterprise. Igor One need Deeks' help to recover stolen illegal weapons from Igor Too.

Kilbride and Callen argue about Hetty. Callen tells Sam to take Roundtree with him to the dolphin necropsy. The Coast Guard picks up a floating Russian sailor, who turns out to be the dolphin's trainer.

Callen is searching through Hetty's paper files. Eric drops by. He wants Nell to become co-manager with him of his cybersecurity foundation's Tokyo office. Eric uses his program on Deeks to narrow down where Igor One took him.

Roundtree found out Kirkin bought the dolphins which were then stolen by Igor Too. The Igors set the dolphins free after stripping the military equipment. One of their gang accidentally shot a dolphin when shooting at the trainer.

Nell turns down Kilbride to go with Eric. Fatima explains to Roundtree why she had been cranky. It is the anniversary of her friend's drunk-driving death. That's when she quit acting and learned about her heritage.

Nell insists Eric shave off his mustache as part of the deal. Nell finds Hetty in her office. She gives Nell her special pin. Hetty sits Kilbride down for a chat. Sam and Callen watch Aiden's test flight. Hetty makes Kilbride put all her mementos back. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 18 Quotes

Nell: I'm not comfortable with this.
Kilbride: We're not running a spa here, Miss Jones.

Deeks: Seriously, you're kidnapping me on a public beach?
Igor [Shouting]: Does anyone care if we kidnap him on a public beach?