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Sam is waiting for his daughter Kam to visit from school. She sneaks up on him by swimming to his boat. Deeks is leery of buying a house now that his job is in limbo. Hetty assigns Callen to investigate the case of her former foster brother Raymond Lewis, who has been framed for smuggling drugs. Someone packed drugs in his wife Paula's oxygen tank. Kam doesn't want Sam's help to get into the Naval Academy. Nell is attempting to track Kessler although she does find Michelle Boucher. Eric shows up for a visit. Raymond doesn't even recognize Callen. Paula had gone to Mexico for a medical consultation. She needs to go back for surgery. Eric says his company has a multi-billion-dollar contract with the Defense Department. Raymond figures out who Callen is. Kensi encourages Deeks to call Eric and to maybe ask him for a loan. Katherine tells Kensi to go easy with Kam. Eric shows Nell and Fatima the updated surveillance system on which he has been working, then crashes Ops while testing it. Raymond introduces Callen to Paula. At the clinic, a male nurse with a gun starts shooting at a doctor but Kensi rescues her. The doctor admitted to being part of the smuggling operation. Eric recovers Ops by overwriting the security protocol which he had created. Callen gets the charges against the Lewises dropped so she can go back for her surgery. But two hitmen are coming after them. Callen takes them out with a giant candy cane. A third hitman gets past him but Ray knocks him out with an oxygen tank. Eric is using his wealth to battle homelessness in California. Deeks plans to sell the bar to buy a house. Hetty pops in to tell Deeks he's been accepted into the NCIS academy. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 6 Quotes

Callen: Permission to leave the boat, captain.
Sam: Get out of here.

Thanks for guiding me in, Otis.

Kam [to Otis]