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Fatima meets cute with Garrett Coffey, beating him down at the NCIS gym. Callen finds Nell trying to make sense of Hetty's paper filing system. After making a date with Fatima, Garrett finishes copying files. Nell is decrypting the hard drives Callen brought back from a captured al Qaeda asset. She finds a recent image of Umar, an al Qaeda official long thought dead. Kensi and Deeks attempt to find out who purchased the hard drives at an electronic store. They were stolen from a locked case. The clerk says his manager Noel has a side job recoverying data from people's computers. Nell determines that the terrorist's image is a deep fake. Sam goes to check out Noel's apartment with Kensi and Deeks. A gunman exchanges gunfire with Kensi and Deeks. Nell discovers NCIS's communications grid has been compromised. Nell is ordered to exchange the contents of the drive to protect Sam from a bomb. But she decides to warn the team except Sam. He figures out what's going on. Nell finds a sample of the terrorist's voice on the hard drive. All Noel's electronics are gone. Nell determines Noel is working with someone who knows NCIS. Noel/Garrett uses the technology to divert Callen and his captive by posing as Fatima. Noel/Garrett as Fatima tries to walk Roundtree through moving data for him. But he catches on when Noel/Garrett mentions talking to a CIA agent. Callen arrives at his destination and a woman holds a gun on him. Nell traces the data feed back to Noel/Garrett and Sam and Fatima arrest him. They discover deep fakes of Callen and Fatima. Kensi and Deeks rescue Callen. But the woman places a call to set off a bomb at Noel/Garrett's hideout, with Fatima and Sam narrowly escaping. Nell tells Callen about the deep fake of him.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 15 Quotes

Fatima: Bye, bitch!
Roundtree: Don't you use your catchphrase against me!

Callen: Children, play nice with your siblings.
Roundtree: She started it.
Fatima: He started it.