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Fatima and Roundtree discuss the relationship between social injustice and law enforcement. NCIS gets calls from Lance Hamilton and Sabatino about the murder of a witness in a counterfeiting case. Deeks is lagging at FLETC. Sabatino banters with Callen and Sam. The CIA is investigating the counterfeit funds being used by terrorists. The CIA is looking for Pietra Ray, its suspect in the murder. Sabatino says Pietra blamed the witness for her father's murder. She arrived in L.A. six days earlier. DOJ Attorney Blake Garcia demands that Sam, Callen, and Sabatino leave the crime scene. Roundtree and Kensi find Pietra's motel room unoccupied. DOJ Special Agent Effie Carlson arrives to drive away the trio. Sabatino laughs when he hears that Deeks is attending FLETC. Kensi doesn't see any reason for Pietra to kill the witness. Callen and Sam find Pietra at the vacant house to which Fatima had tracked her. Pietra tells Kensi she was invited by Garcia to help with the case against the cartel. She and Garcia are having an affair. Garcia is gunned down. Kensi reveals to Carlson that Garcia and Pietra were having an affair. She and Kensi make an arrangement, dashcam footage of Garcia's killing in exchange for a talk with Pietra. Sam and Callen find the killer's burner phone near the DOJ safehouse. Sabatino bribes Pietra with lunch. She attempts to escape after faking an allergic attack but Callen arrives just in time. He reveals to her that Blake is dead. Sabatino suggests cutting loose Pietra to track the cartel. They tell Carlson that Pietra escaped, equipped with a tracking device. A discouraged Deeks calls Kensi but she encourages him. Following Pietra's tracking device, Sabatino barges into the cartel hiding place followed by Kensi. Sabatino and Kensi get caught in a firefight. 


NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 8 Quotes

There's something wrong with these shoes. They used to be so much faster.

Deeks [to trainer]

I start my day with cold matcha and hot lead.

Fatima [to Roundtree]