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A woman witnesses a security guard/Naval Reservist being shot and killed. Sam's daughter Kam gets selected for the Naval Academy. Arkady keeps ducking a conversation with Arkady. Deeks is nervous about his FLETC interview. Agent Martinez is interviewing team members, even Eric, about Deeks. NCIS gets the case of Bellamy, the murdered Reservist. Bellamy had a gambling problem and Nell worries he was selling the encrypted list of files of Reservists stored on his phone to pay off his debts. Deeks confides to Sam that he doesn't have a backup plan. Sam tells him to follow his gut. Callen worries about which Reservists may have been compromised by Bellamy. Eric helps out Fatima in Ops during his visit. Sam gives Roundtree life lessons while they check out Bellamy's RV. Sam finds files for 20 high-ranking officers hidden there. Finally, Martinez interviews Deeks as they explore his history. Kensi settles on Lt. Commander Natalie Chan as the target Bellamy had sold. Sam and Roundtree capture two Chinese men at Chan's home. Chan is missing. Martinez presses Deeks about his time with LAPD and he informs her about the corruption there. Chan's assistant tells Kensi about her work with nano-technology for DARPA. Fatima traces the slogan the librarian saw on the killer's van's license plate frame to a dealership and discovers the van's purchaser arrived recently from China. Chan's research has multiple military applications. So she has to be found before China can spirit her out of the U.S. Fatima tracks that van to a small airport. Sam, Callen, Kensi, and Roundtree head there and rescue Chan. Martinez can't tell Deeks how he did in the interviews but she praises him highly. Callen planned to ask Arkady if he could marry Anna but Arkady laughs at the idea of them marrying before Callen can ask. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 7 Quotes

Kensi: Hey, you're going to do great today.
Deeks: I'm going to do great today.

When you give up time, that's when you get where you need to be.

Arkady [to Callen]