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DOJ Special Agent Effie Carlson is interrogating Anna. The finger sent to Callen is Joelle's. Joelle's captive leave vodka and white bread for her. Arkady isn't picking up his phone so Callen sends Kensi, Deeks, Fatima, and Roundtree to check on him. They find four dead guards. Kensi disables a signal jammer. Arkady lets himself out of his panic room. But Katya got away. Sam is back after checking on Kam. Sam wonders why Katya abducted Joelle rather than Arkady. Katya framed Callen as a Russian spy to keep him busy with Carlson. Kensi convinces Arkady to go to a safehouse. Callen is trying to get the Russians to call off their hit on Katya, since she's the only one who knows where Joelle is being held. Carlson suspects there's a CIA  mole helping Katya. Kensi admits she's worried about her stalker Kessler. Katya calls wanting to talk to Anna. She gives a park for Anna to come to in one hour. The team covers the park. Anna tries to explain herself to Callen but he's not ready to listen. Joelle is in a suicide vest and Katya shoots her in the leg when she won't get out of the van. Anna gets in the van with Katya. Callen intercepts the van which then blows up after the innocent driver gets out. Anna and Katya had jumped out earlier. Sam dislocates Joelle's arm to get the vest off her. He runs with her and Roundtree to a safe distance before the explosion. Katya has disappeared with Anna. Joelle is in surgery. Kensi gives a disconsolate Nell a pep talk. The team has no leads. Joelle loses her leg below the knee. Two former academy mates visit a captive Anna. They tell her Katya is off to collect insurance. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 13 Quotes

I see you've got 12 cases of vodka. At least your priorities are straight.

Deeks [to Arkady]

Callen: This could be awkward. I just sent the rest of the team to check up on [Arkady].
Anna: I see some therapy in my future.