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Anna is shot with a tranquilizer dart by her captors. Callen leaves Sam behind. He breaks into Sasha's hideout to learn what she knows, which is nothing. Sasha says she'll make some calls. Sasha finds out a rogue Katya is still in Russia. Callen threatens to stop protecting Sasha. Admiral Kilbride appears. He's looking for a sit-rep. Callen interrogates Joelle in the hospital. She reports she saw a couple of other women but no Katya. Joelle says she's going after Katya when she gets out. Callen reports what he learned from Joelle to Nell with the numbers she remembered off the container in which she was held. Callen asks that Arkady be brought to the boatshed. Nell puts Sam in his place. Deeks and Kensi visit Kirkin. He tells them about the Institute of Noble Maidens, a training school for spies attended by Anna and Katya. Eric has also showed up to help. Sam confronts Callen about what's going on. Arkady informs them about the institute. It was the same kind of training Hetty put Callen through. Arkady takes off after Anna. Kilbride tells Nell that Hetty isn't coming back. He wants her to consider her role at OSP without Hetty. Callen asks Sasha if any Noble Maidens are in the country. She comes up with Vanya and Odessa, Anna's captors. Fatima and Roundtree determine Anna's aboard a trailer, to be loaded onto a ship. Nell helps Eric in Ops and they come up with a likely ship. Arkady and Kirkin show up. Kirkin gets shot protecting Deeks. Sam and Callen arrive. Sam takes down Vanya and Callen shoots Odessa. Callen rescues Anna. Arkady takes Anna home. Kirkin dies. Kilbride suggests Hetty may have expunged Anna's criminal records. Nell drinks Hetty's Scotch. Callen sleeps in Joelle's hospital room. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

Fatima: What's with you and food anyway?
Roundtree: I have a fast metabolism.

Fatima: What do you think Katya is going to do to Anna?
Nell: I honestly don't know.