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The trial begins for Chief Petty OfficerThomas Argento, who Callen and Sam arrested for war crimes. Sam, Callen, and Roundtree attend Argento's trial in San Diego. Sam meets the prosecutor, Marine Lt. Col. Lucilla Castro. Argento retains private lawyer Margaux West. Castro explains that three of Argento's men will testify against him. Kendricks, who has immunity, refutes his own testimony, claiming he murdered the cleric. Kendricks won't talk to Sam. Another witness, Moffett, is missing. Callen volunteers NCIS to look into the witnesses. Michael Cole offers to help Roundtree. Nell is working from Hetty's desk. She and Fatima can't make sense of Argento's visitors' log in prison. Kensi and Deeks interview Kendricks' wife Monica. She's shocked that her husband changed his testimony. Sam tries to interrogate Argento, who claims he didn't know that Kendricks would lie on the stand. Roundtree goes to Moffett's ex's house. Outside couriers were delivering messages to Argento. Kensi and Deeks talk to Martin of the courier service. The person sending the couriers is a phantom. Roundtree chases down Moffett, who runs. Moffett got text pictures of his son so he had his ex take his son out of town. Kendricks lied to save Moffett's son's life. Martin describes the man who brought the messages to Argento. Cole's father's Parker, who is at the trial, is a SEAL Team legend. Martin identifies Parker Cole as the man who has been sending messages to Argento. The younger Cole brings a gun to Moffett's house but Sam talks him into putting it down. Moffett is determined to testify. Callen arrests Parker Cole for obstruction of justice. Moffett arrives in court just in time. His testimony gets Argento convicted. Deeks has to explain "daddy issues" to Kensi. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 2 Quotes

Fatima: There's a lot riding on this.
Nell: I know that.
Fatima: No, that's my mantra.

Deeks: I remember my first war criminal like it was yesterday. You never forget your first.
Kensi: Why, Deeks, why?