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Callen falls asleep while watching Katya's film and flashes back to his own training. Even though they're moving, Anna tells Callen they need to take a step back for a while. Kilbride tells Callen there have been hundreds of inappropriate videos and messages made by Callen's deep fakes. Vance has ordered Kilbride to remove Callen from the field until the deep fakes stop. Maria Varza, an intelligence officer who recruits foreign assets, is missing. Her boss, Akhil Ali, has requested NCIS's help. Nate comes to check on Callen. Callen enlists him to help find Pembroke, the man he remembers from his training. Fatima goes undercover to talk with Dr. Jarrahi, who Varza was recruiting. Kilbride admits that Callen's Drona Project was based on the Institute for Noble Maidens. Fatima bonds with Jarrahi. Kensi and Deeks talk about how to help Pilar. Callen tells Leah the truth about why he connected with her and she doesn't take it well. The two men tailing Varza are following Fatima and Jarrahi. Fatima pushes Jarrahi too hard and blows her cover. She and Sam take down the two men. Callen informs Nate that Anna moved out because of his obsession with Katya. Leah calls Callen with a lead, a plant dealer named Arnold Baines. Callen remembers a younger version of him. Callen speaks to him in Russian but Baines doesn't bite. Varza is found delirious about a mile from her house. Kilbride is ordered to release the two Iranians. Fatima and Ali break their fast together. Kensi talks to Rosa by phone. Nate isn't sure that Baines is Pembroke, the man from the film. Callen returns to Baines' house. Anna calls to say she has changed her mind and wants to move in together. Callen notices Baines' security camera too late.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 17 Quotes

I know what your problem is. You're a jerk.

Rountree [to Fatima]

I almost feel sorry for [Katya]. Almost.

Anna [to Callen]