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Callen questions Angela Pak about her former girlfriend, Kate MIller. Out of fear, she refuses to help him find Katya. After Fatima bemoans the lack of affordable rentals in L.A., Kilbride informs her that NCIS is taking over an investigation to recover a cache of stolen weapons for the shorthanded ATF. Anders Sivac, the dead robbery-crew member, was the son of a late Russian crime boss. The coroner tells Callen and Kensi that Sivac was dead before the guns were stolen. Deeks questions Sivac's estranged stepmother Miriam. The driver of the weapons truck runs from Sam and Roundtree, then admits he set up the theft with Sivac, but that another man called to reroute the shipment. Using a stamp on Sivac's body, Callen and Kensi discover which bar Sivac was at the night he was killed. A construction-site camera Fatima uncovers shows Miriam leaving with Sivac. She says she tried to talk him out of brokering the weapons. Miriam forces her to get him, Kensi, and Callen into Sivac's funeral, to identify suspects. The phone used by the mystery man implicates insurance broker David Milton, who was now brokering the deal. Milton fingers a man at the funeral, Dominic Carson. Miriam tells Callen that she doesn't want to get killed for bringing them to the funeral. Miriam tips off Carson, who runs. Trapped by three vehicles, the NCIS trio takes down Carson and three accomplices, while Sam and Roundtree arrest two more at a warehouse. Carson admitted to killing Sivac and taking the guns. Kilbride sends Fatima a number of a friend with rental units. Fatima discovers that the shell company behind the weapons sale belongs to Miriam. Angela unexpectantly calls Callen. She gives him a key to a safe-deposit box Katya left with her. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 4 Quotes

You double-bolt your door and you run from strangers. You're never going to be free as long as Katya is.

Callen [to Angela]

Kensi: Has it ever occurred to you that you shouldn't insert yourself in other people's business?
Deeks: No. Not ever.