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Hetty receives notification that someone is breaking into the OSP archives. It's Callen. He uncovers a file for Subject 17, who he suspects is him. Kensi asks Hetty to be a reference for adoption but Hetty refuses, offering to get someone further up the ladder to do so. Sam says Subject 17 isn't Callen. He suggests a vacation away from everything instead. Callen insists he needs to know the truth. Joelle, trying to locate Katya, abducts Zasha Gagarin, who is back in the country. Arkady once told Callen that Hetty had trained her orphans in spycraft. Callen's repressed memories are leaking out. Callen confronts Kilbride about his suspicions about Hetty but gets rebuffed. Kilbride cautions Callen about Joelle's activities. Callen calls Joelle and demands she bring Zasha to the Boatshed. Callen badgers Hetty until she admits he's Subject 17. Callen informs Joelle that Zasha works for OSP. Callen threatens Joelle that he will inform her family that she's still alive if she doesn't turn over Zasha. The Boatyard is surrounded by six gunmen. The trio escapes through the trapdoor and flatten the gunmen's tires. Four gunmen have grabbed Zasha but Sam blows up their cars, forcing them back inside. They won't give Joelle a gun so she runs inside after the gunmen. The rest of the team joins them. Kilbride insists on a nonlethal attack since he doesn't want an international incident. The gunmen are using Joelle and Zasha as cover. Fatima drives Sam's car through the wall, surprising everyone. Roundtree takes down Joelle with a new device. Callen lets Joelle loose because they have a mutual interest in tracking Katya. Kensi admits to Deeks that she's lukewarm on adoption. So they decide to keep trying to have their own baby. Hetty has gone to Syria. Callen sends Zasha to track Hetty. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 1 Quotes

If you go down this rabbit hole, G, you may not like what you find. You may even get lost.

Sam [to Callen]

You know how it's hard for you to tell when you're starting to annoy me. This is one of those times.

Sam [to Callen]