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A sale of a rare jeweled egg on a yacht is interrupted when the buyer's men start shooting, killing two security men. The yacht is registered to Arkady, who is also attacked at his home and goes into hiding. Kilbride, Kensi, and Deeks debate how retired Arkady really is from espionage. Kilbride goes to the last place that Arkady's burner phone pings, which turns out to be a bar. Arkady denies knowing anything about a boat. Kensi finds a camera hidden inside a smoke detector on the yacht. Arkady identifies the woman in the surveillance footage as Miraslava Borisova. She's a black-market antiquities dealer and Arkady's former lover. Callen has Arkady set up a meeting with Mira. She starts hitting him. Callen eventually rescues him. Mira has been using Arkady's name as her partner in her dealings for 40 years, since their breakup. Mira tells Callen that the seller, Lexi Pasternak, was in a hurry to sell the egg. Pasternak had died three days earlier under suspicious circumstances. Fatima discovers that half of the oligarchs who fled Russia after the invasion of Ukraine have faced untimely deaths. Mira says the oligarchs are "blood banks," in whom the government had hid its money. Other groups are unwillingly to assist OSP in its investigation. Also, Callen gets reassigned to task-force duty. Mira agrees to help Arkady infiltrate the auction house. Deeks is undercover as the client, a Swedish royal. Mira fails to mention that Arkady needed a key to get into her box. Also, she escapes from Coster. Armed with a gun, she meets Arkady in Rupert's vault. She had made a deal with the Russians to kill Arkady and turn over her client list. But she can't shoot him. Kensi, Deeks, and Rountree take down the Russians. Mira refuses to run. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 9 Quotes

Hooked on Phonics couldn't save us now.

Riffat [to Fatima]

Deeks [to Rountree]: You do realize that I'm a detective, right?
Kensi: Actually, we're both detectives, babe.
Deeks: See? Nothing gets by us.