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Callen dodges Anna's attempt to set a wedding date. Rosa is running late for school. Roberta calls ahead of a surprise visit. Another caretaker for Raymond has quit. An intelligence officer, Lt. Jeff Morgan, was found stabbed to death by his housekeeper. Morgan was involved with an operation linking the weapons inventory of the entire U.S. military. His wife, Alice, was seen fleeing the scene. Kensi agrees to spend the day with Roberta. Deeks and Rountree ponder how the Morgans could afford their standard of living. Morgan's commander officer is uncooperative after being summoned. Shyla uncovers the vacation home where Alice is hiding out. After a brief chase, Deeks and Rountree capture Alice. Deeks tells a recalcitrant Alice about his own history with domestic abuse. Alice admits that her husband had been physically abusing her for three years. She had reported the abuse six months earlier. Alice found Morgan dead but ran because she thought she would be suspected in the murder. She said Jeff's hands smelled like motor oil after his recent trips. Roberta and Rosa hit it off. Callen and Shyla visit Morgan's storage unit, which has been cleaned out. They suspect he had been stockpiling explosives. Kensi and Roberta talk about parenting. Alice recognizes one of the men seen near the storage unit from a wine festival. He's Ivan Parsons, an import-exporter with ties to extremist groups. Sam and Callen arrive at the building where Parsons stashed the explosives. They take out Parsons' two thugs, then Rountree arrives. Parsons tosses and shoots a bag of explosives so he can escape but Sam takes him down. Morgan tried to back out of his deal with Parsons. Deeks and Roberta talk about his father. Callen tells Anna they can't get married until he finds Hetty and learns everything.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 5 Quotes

Callen: Wow. I just saw my life flash before my eyes.
Kensi: That's a little dramatic.
Callen: Well, I would argue it's more of a dark comedy with pivotal moments of tenderness. Regardless, it was over too soon.

Callen: Well, that was exhausting.
Anna: I ran six miles. You bailed after two.
Callen: Bail sounds like quit. I didn't quit. I changed course.