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Anna has an interview at a non-profit agency. Kensi tells Deeks Rosa needs an outside tutor for calculus. Sam is off, taking his dad to a specialist. A husband-and-wife architect team, Emmett and Lindsay Sandhagen, are kidnapped.They specialize in designing secure facilities for the Navy. Their nanny Mila says three men abducted the couple and escaped in a van. Kilbride is trying to find Col. Jackson Ladd, a disabled vet who missed an interview. He orders a welfare check of Ladd's home. Fatima and Kensi get a rundown on the couple's projects from a Seabees officer, which includes a missile command center. The Sandhagens' partner, Paul Figueiredo, has financial problems. He informs them that the Sandhagens have a separate business building civilian projects. He says Deeks and Callen should check out their home office. Roundtree discovers that the list of the Sandhagens' private clients was downloaded a month earlier, when they were out of town. Deeks and Callen interrogate Mila. She was approached by Josh McCall, who wanted the client list in exchange for paying her college debt. McCall is part of a heist crew run by Chito Aldana. Kensi and Fatima walk in on the crew at a diamond broker. The crew had abducted the Sandhagens. Kensi and Fatima take down two of the crew then go to rescue the Sandhagens. Their cell signals are being mechanically bounced around. Aldana realizes there's someone else in the building. Kensi is going to distract Aldana and McCall while Fatima takes out the guard and frees the Sandhagens. Their plan works before Deeks and Callen arrive. Kilbride finds Ladd at a bar. Kilbride tells Ladd he'll find him a job in the military somehow. Anna turns down the job and is considering becoming a P.I. She worries about Callen going after Pembroke.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 2 Quotes

I didn't know the old Fatima, but I know the new Fatima. And she's someone I really respect.

Kensi [to Fatima]

Those kids have no idea what's happening.