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This week's NCIS: Los Angeles began with of gunmen looking for a man named Matt Driscoll and surprise, surprise, Sam is the one who stands up and says that’s him.

Then we go back in time to see how he got there. Driscoll is a man who somehow got his hands on classified documents and was going to post them on a popular blog.

That blog, modeled after WikiLeaks, posts classified info in hopes of leading to a transparent and just government.

The problem, of course, is that it'll get him killed if the information falls into the wrong hands.

As NCIS: LA battles the FBI for jurisdiction over the case, they also battle a couple of hired guns looking to snag the information for themselves.

A few gun battles and twists and turns later, we learn it was  all about a man who wanted to make the names of some fallen soldiers known, rather than just their serial numbers.

Not the same kind of valuable stuff they were tracking, but an important message nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Hetty and Callen competed on the rock wall and Callen got flat-out OWNED.

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