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Sam's alias "Hakeem Fayed" receives an email from Abdul Habaza with a time and place to meet. Hetty is hesitant to send Sam on this mission since she feels his personal vendetta against Abdul may get in the way.

Eric informs them that the Overwatch Sam sprayed on Abdul only has a few days left and they are still waiting for him to meet his brother Saadat. Hetty reluctantly agrees.

Sam enters the motel room of the location on the email and finds a man shot dead. He also discovers a fake passport and plane ticket for him to Yemen.

The passport photo was from his time at Oakville and the team is unsure if Sam's identity has been compromised.

Sam and Callen head to Yemen while Kensi and Deeks stay behind to figure out if Sam's identity was compromised.

Upon Sam's arrival, Abdul immediately meets him and takes him to an undisclosed location in the desert where he has him guard the seven year old son of a Saudi Prince who they kidnapped a week ago.

Callen follows Abdul and Sam to the location with Nate's help; Nate is Hetty's asset in Yemen. Kensi and Deeks track Abdul's location before he left for Yemen and are surprised to discover the illusive Saadat is posing as a Colombian night manager at the hotel Abdul stayed at before he fled.

Kensi and Deeks give chase and a fire fight ensues killing Saadat. Hetty tries to immediately abort Sam's mission but it is too late and Abdul confronts Sam and takes him hostage, looking to leverage him for the freedom of imprisoned Al-Qaida members.

Callen rushes in to help Sam and Hetty gets Director Vance on the phone for authorization to assassinate Abdul.

Callen gets Sam free and Abdul is about to get away when they get the OK from Vance. Sam hesitates for a moment but takes the shot and realizes justice was served for Moe. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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