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Callen is back and discovers an intruder, Niko, in his home who he takes down and finds out he works for Arkady, a former KGB operative Callen has worked with before.

Arkady informs Callen that a billionaire philanthropist named Singh is about to receive a shipment of counterfeit computer chips that may end up in U.S. military planes and ships which would be disastrous.

Callen realizes Arkady is up to something when Arkady hands Callen a photo of himself taken by the mystery man at the cemetery.

In order for Arkady to tell him who took this photo and get him closer to knowing more about his past he must follow Arkady's info and stop this shipment.

The team works to get closer to Singh and find out he is superstitious and believes in psychics. Kensi goes undercover as a fortune teller and gains Singh's trust.

Nell helps Callen track down who took the picture and when Hetty finds out she almost shuts down the operation until Callen convinces her not to.

Our team discovers that Niko is working both sides and plans to pit Singh and Arkady against one another and steal the shipment for himself.

Kensi, Deeks and Sam stop Singh's shipment and find it was not about computer chips but bags of money.

Niko goes after Arkady and Callen gets caught in the crossfire when his team steps in and saves them both.

Callen finds the man that took the photo, but he is dead, so the mystery of his past continues.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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