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The NCIS LA team continues to work the the Red Team to find the terrorist, Spears. Sam and Callen interrogate Ari Sayid for information about the person that smuggled Spears into the country. The agents lie and say that Spears is dead and want the name to get revenge. Sayid gives up the name. The Red Team goes after the human smuggler, Ramirez. They are spotted and crash Ramirez's trailing truck. Using the GPS from the truck they are able to track down a key location in Bombay Beach. The team arrives and finds everyone, including Ramirez dead.


Granger and Hetty have Eric track down all the killings that match the marines: shot in the back of the head with a low velocity bullet. Deek and Kensi sort through the leads to try and figure out the kill pattern. Eric and Nell go through video footage from O'Hare and figure out that Spears talked with someone else there. A man with a red scarf. They match him to the person on the satellite phone. It's a well-known man, Krause.


Krause is brought in for questioning and he admits that he helped Spears, but didn't realize he was a terrorist. Once he realized what Spears was planning he ordered a hit on the terrorist. NCIS had been looking at this all wrong. It wasn't Spears that was doing the killing, but the assassin that was hired to kill him. The assassin is a woman. 


The marine was killed because of the video he recorded, but not because he filmed Spears. It was the woman that the marine was checking out. She's the assassin.


Paris and Callen go after Spears and run into her as well. Callen goes after Spears. The terrorist gets shot. The assassin goes after Paris. When Paris runs out of bullets, it looks like the assassin is going to kill her too, but Roy shows up and saves her.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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