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- A cartel boss, Miquel Barbosa, is killed in Mexico but then his body is stolen from the morgue which leads to speculation there's a leak in the DEA. NCIS is called in to investigate.


- Kensi and Deeks go to Mexico to meet with an informant when their contact is killed at the bar. They are able to grab the musician informant, Javier, and return to the US with him. He is hesitant to help because Barbosa became a father figure to him. Javier was the personal songwriter for the cartel leader and recounted a song, "Resurrection" that Barbosa liked and wondered if he could be resurrected. 


- With the lead that Barbosa may have faked his own death, Kensi and Deeks came up with a plan to bring in Barbosa. Javier escapes their custody and is picked up by Barbosa's men, which NCIS tracks. Barbosa gives Javier to his men to be killed, but when NCIS came in, he tries to backtrack. Javier didn't fall for it and pushes Barbosa away and he is killed. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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