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- Four unacquainted men walk into a diner after being invited via the Office of Naval Intelligence Twitter account and it blows up. NCIS:LA gets called in to investigate.

- Even though the four men didn't know each other, they were all members of Group Echo One in a Naval project titled "Operation Wide Awake." They were playing a game that was designed to help the Navy identify terrorists before they acted. The project's run by Dr. Oliver Mathers. He told the term there was a Fifth member of the group who didn't show up at the diner, Mike Hoffman. 

- Kensi and Deeks investigate Hoffman's apartment. Kensi chases after a girl who they saw leaving the apartment. Inside, there was a dead body, but it wasn't Hoffman's. They eventually track down Hoffman and find out that it was his daughter, Astrid, that was playing the game and not him.

- Mathers reveals that the only person besides himself that knew the end of the program was Hoffman. Then, he gave up another name. He broke protocol and shared the game with George Toretto. After one missed attempt, Sam and Callen find Toretto and he tells them that the program didn't work. That's why the group was killed by Mathers. He also needed to kill Hoffman because he knew that it didn't work.

- Mathers and Astrid meet at the casino, but the team is there to prevent either of them from dying. Kensi reaches Astrid. They return to the boat shed and play poker.

- The women at the casino who commented as the team walked by were played by the cast's mothers.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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