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A Senator's daughter is attacked at home and the team investigates why while protecting her. Sam and Callen pick her up and they get ambushed during transport. They are on the run in Los Angeles. 

Deeks and Nell partner up to interview the Senator. They don't get much information from him. 

During the ambush, Sam kills one of the attackers. He's identified as a Bosnian member of RODA. The Senator served in Bosnia when he was in the military. NCIS finds a foreign account in the Senator's name that received a payment of $200,000. After his daughter's safe, the Senator ditches his security detail.

NCIS believes that she was attacked because the Senator reneged on some deal. The team tracks down the Senator and monitors his meeting with a member of RODA. The Senator threatens to kill his contact, but is warned they will find and hunt him and his daughter down.

The Bosnia went after the Senator because he killed the man's father. The money was deposited to frame the Senator. NCIS busted the meeting and saved the Senator and took the Bosnia into custody.

In Afghanistan, Vostanik Sabatino shows up. He was reassigned there three months before. Kensi tells him she's the sniper assigned to take out the White Ghost. He tells her the previous man assigned to the job was captured and beheaded. Kensi is upset that Granger didn't tell her. He didn't think it matters. She needed to do the job and not get captured.

Kensi gets a Christmas gift from Hetty. It's a phone. Hetty warns Kensi to be careful and that there may be a mole. She needs to test people with misinformation. And the satellite phone has another number in it. Hetty gave Deeks a secured phone too. Kensi and Deeks talk on the phone.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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