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Two military contractors are found murdered in an alley and NCIS is brought in because of their ties to an existing investigation of D-7. Sam and Callen find a bloody stiletto and track it to a hooker. She identifies the deceased as men who attack her John. She escaped. The John is identified as a former D-7 employee, Robert Brown.

He fled his home quick and tracked his vehicle to the bus station. Sam and Callen find him being chased by two men at the bus station and take out the men and put Robert into protective custody. When Deeks and Granger go to search Robert's house for clues, another man shows up. They take him down and he reveals that Robert's the threat. He killed three women in Afghanistan and they wanted to prevent him from killing more people.

Robert attacks Nell at the boat house, but she's able to defend herself by stabbing him repeatedly. Sam and Callen show up in time to protect Nell. It turns out that D-7 was trying to protect itself from a scandal surrounding Robert's actions.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Kensi puts a tracker on Sabatino and asks Nell to look into him. Nell doesn't find anything incriminating. Kensi has Sabatino followed by a drone to a meeting, but Nell and Eric aren't able to identify who he met with. Kensi remains suspicious of Sabatino.

Sam secretly sets up Callen on a blind date with Hetty's help. Neither Callen nor the school teacher he met knew that the Hannas were setting them up. They decide to stay and have dinner together.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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