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Arkady is on the run from an unknown shooter, and is confronted on the rooftop. Gunshots go off, and the shooter blows up a car. Arkady's body is burnt to a crisp.

Callen drops his girlfriend off at work. Joelle is worried about Callen's day to day. Sam and Beale play Callen a video of Arkady's death. The vehicle that exploded was registered to him.

Granger wonders if Arkady was in any trouble. Sam and Callen head over to pay their respects. 

Granger and Hetty discuss the investigation on Deeks, and Callen's chance of finding out about his father. 

Sam tries to see how Callen's doing. Sam doesn't think Callen feels okay about Arkady's death.

Callen compares a KGB trinket to one that Arkady had on him everyday. It seems to confirms Arkady's death.

At Arkady's home, Kensi and Deeks find fingerprints on a picture frame. Eric seems to have something against Deek's pretty boy nature, and Nell teases him for it. They run the fingerprints Deeks discovered and get a quick match.

Eric and Nell brainstorm about how a "ghost" could've comitted the murder. Nell gives Eric a great idea and he proposes his love for her, and her brain.

Eric talks himself into a corner with his suggestive sentences and then awkwardly leaves the room.

Callen and Sam sit down to eat at Callen's favorite place to eat, and he gets tofu. This sets Sam off on a discussion about Callen and his extremes, and Callen fires back at Sam. They then decide to talk about work.

Nell and Eric look over new angles of images and piece together the puzzle.They say it "is" a "ghost."

Arkady turns out to still be alive and confronts Sam and Callen at the restaurant. 

Arkady says he was genuinely about to be killed but then turned it into faking his own death. He says he can protect himself from the North Koreans. 

Kensi and Deeks talk to the coast guard about locating Arkady's yacht, and they are glad to help. Arkady doesn't want to be held in the interrogation room but rather the normal area. 

Arkady says hes not telling Sam and Callen what they are not ready to hear. 

Brett Smith is the suspect. Kensi and Deeks find out that the yacht has a transponder, which yachts don't have. 

When asked about a picture of a pretty girl on his phone, Arkady says it has nothing to do with the boat. He says he introduced Russian friends with American friends. He wont say what was being smuggled in.

There are two suspended LAPD officers, one dead body, one missing cargo ship, all linked to Arkady, Kensi confirms. 

Hetty comes into to speak with Arkady. Hetty gets the truth out of Arkady. Apparently there was $100 million dollars worth of oil -- enough to finance a war.

Kensi and Deeks find Keefer dead in the trunk of a shooter. He tried to shoot up the meeting, but Sam stops attack. Arkady says that he doesn't know the shooter, and that he didn't come for him. 

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

Arkady may have been Callen's last chance of finding out who his father was and where he came from.


The vehicle that exploded was registered to Arkady.