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As an unidentified man approaches an unmarked house, the atmosphere is tense. The man approaches the house, and, in the process, triggers a failsafe that;s rigged to blow up the property. The man is blown back and his legs appear to be on fire.  

Hanna returns to work from Disney, and Callen teases him about his costume. Deeks believes that it's Baloo from the Jungle Book, while Kensi guesses that it's Beast from Beauty and the Beast. 

The team overviews footage of the man which appears to paint him as a burglar. But they soon discover that he works for a media outlet, along the lines of TMZ. He was paparazzi. 

Lange informs the group that the house belongs to Borders, a legend in the CIA. They wonder why a celebrity photographer was at the house of an agent. They divide the tasks, and Callen and Hanna go to the crime scene.

They discover that the shoddy make of the bomb most likely makes it an IED. 

Deeks and Kensi go to talk to the last known enemy of the photographer - the NBA player, Kip Brigham. Deeks ends up revealing that he's personal friends with the player, and asks Kensi not to humiliate him. They go way back. Kip makes it clear that he did not commit the murder - and is offend that Deeks would even ask. 

Callen and Hanna talk to Borders and realize that Jack Chapman wasn't at her Borders's house for her, but for her fiance, Gunnery Sergeant Mike Johnson. When Mike arrives, he confirms their suspicions and claims to know Chapman. He says he grew up with Chapman, and was checking up on the house for him as a favor. His death was unrelated and on the Sergeant. Mike's son is "by the book" and Hanna and Callen go to pick him up. 

Johnson's son is very diligent in his training, and Hanna takes a liking to him due to their similar background. They bring him back to his family.

Hanna and Callen analyze the data from the crime scene with help from Nell. They realize that they may be dealing with a serial killer intent on trying to "protect" boys such as Johnson's son from overbearing fathers. 

Every accident appears to be a point of interest on the victim's daily routine, meaning he was stalking them. The gang realize that if they put the word out that Johnson is still alive, the killer might reveal himself in an attempt to kill the Sergeant. 

After much deliberation, they set up the sting. Hanna and the Sergeant sit at a daily coffee spot, attempting to spot the criminal. Deeks, Kensi, Callen and the rest play in the field to locate the target. Once they find him, the put Johnson on the move to follow the potential suspect.

They are tricked by a false flag, and Callen saves Johnson's life last minute. 

Richard Mills claims that he killed all "evil" men. Kensi and Deeks interrogate Mills until he breaks - his drug addled or diseased mind refuses to cooperate with the exchange. 

Mills has a military centric family history that they believe is at the root of the investigation. They bring in Richard's mother for more information. Her second husband, the more abusive of the two, harmed the children - especially Richard's older brother David. 

Callen and Hanna track David down to an abandoned school, and proceeding a shootout, capture him alive. They persuade him in various ways, including a fake bomb threat, in order to get the next target. They apprehend Master Sergeant Lewis, and head to his home in order to prevent his son from being harmed.

Hanna saves the day in an explosive finale.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

I got my white Bronco out back.

Kip Brigham

What is a celebrity photographer doing at the home of a CIA officer?