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Retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride approaches Hetty and asks her to stay in DC and help. She refuses. Hetty wants to return to her job and people in LA. She warns him that if the hearings are being used to convince her, she may reveal secrets in the due to her "dementia."

Callen breaks into a burial vault and takes money out of it. Eric is tracking him for Sam. Callen turned off his phone, so he could be anywhere.

Deeks and Kensi show up to work at the same time joking. When Granger stops them, they play it off that they are just work partner. He's concerned because Nell hasn't showed up for work. Deeks suggests that she just needs time to get over killing someone.

Callen shows up in Ops and wants to have them put Mattias' face out there. Callen puts up the money for a reward for Mattias' capture. It's all the money he has.

Hetty confronts Congressman Thomas about the hearings. Hetty tells him that he doesn't want to know the sacrifices they make for their country and to protect the citizens. If he knew, he'd be embarrassed over the hearing.

Granger tightens the investigation due to the leak. They are working only with each other and no one outside the team. They don't know why Mattias is there and Callen doesn't care. The only thing he cares about is finding Mattias.

Hetty asks Thomas what he would do if a family member was kidnapped. He says that's not the issue. She says it is, because her team is her family. Thomas makes it clear that he doesn't believe that to be true. Hetty walks out of the hearing room, pulls a fire alarm and jumps out a window into a dumpster.

Kilbride finds Hetty as she's leaving town. She wants to protect her people. He lets her leave.

Eric tracks the dead guy's phone. The team follows the signal in Venice Beach. The phone rings and they stop the guy. It's not Mattias. Sam stops the guy and they spot a snipper. Sam uses the guy as a shield. The snipper is Mattias and he gets away.

Nell's at home when someone knocks at her door. She has a gun with her when she answers it. It's Nate. She's having a difficult time dealing with killing the man. He says she shouldn't return because she would be putting her team in danger. Nate says she needs time. And, he offers to stick around and work in the field until it's resolved.

Investigator Wallace apologizes to Sam for the investigation and says she's just doing her job. She asks him out for a drink and he tells her he's married. It's not in his record, so she apologizes for that.

The man helping Mattias is a Russian national, so Callen and Sam go to see Arkady. He says the cold war isn't over. That people will be going after those who know the secrets like Hetty. Arkady says he doesn't care. He's not scared of Callen, but them. He fears he'll be targeted next.

Hetty calls Nell. When Nell's at home and not at work, she tells Hetty what happened. Hetty tells Nell she needs her help.

Salazar calls Callen and says he has Mattias. When they get to house, they find everyone dead. When Callen pulls the hood off Salazar's head, a grenade explodes. Sam gets Callen out just in time.

Mattias shows up at the boat shed. When Granger gets there, Mattias is gone. They didn't find anything. Callen finds a tracker on the car. They believe that Ops is compromised. Eric is left to get everyone out and to keep Hetty safe.

Hetty shows up at Ops before they can stop her. Mattias is there with a gun. Eric tells the team that Mattias is there with a gun. Hetty asks him why he's there, because she doesn't understand the logic of his actions. He wants to take her back to Moscow with him. She tells him to shoot her. She refuses to leave. He threatens to drug her and she complies.

Investigator Wallace interrupts Hetty and Mattias. Hetty shots him in the chest, but he has on body armor. Mattias shoots Wallace in the leg. Just as Hetty is about to confront Mattias again, Nell shows up to protect Hetty. Mattias shoots Wallace in the thigh. Sam, Callen, Kensi and Deeks show up.

Mattias wants Hetty and she agrees to give herself up to him.  The team has guns on Mattias and Hetty tells them to take a head shot. She tells him that they both know "he doesn't have the balls." He gives her the gun and she shoots him in the leg.

Hetty's back!


NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Admiral Hollace Kilbride: And, what am I supposed to tell Congressman Thomas?
Hetty: Tell him, I think he's an ass.
Kilbride: Keep me informed.

We both know that you don't have the balls.

Hetty [to Mattias]