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Retired Navy Captain Charles Langston abducts Robert Bryant, a VA administrator who is embezzling funds. Eric is struggling with firing a gun after blowing up an SUV and killing a man while undercover. Zoe Morris, a female FBI agent .won't let Callen and Sam inside Bryant's house. Kensi and Deeks witness Langston dumping a bag of money at the VA clinic and demanding that everyone there be seen. A nurse at the clinic says that Bryant is embezzling funds. Bryant's car is found at a veterans' cemetery. They hear yelling and find Bryant hanging there. Sam and Callen find A.J. Chegwidden and Sterling Bridges at Langston's house. Hetty had called them in, because they had served with Langston. Hetty ends up refereeing a disagreement among the four. Morris shows up and arrests Bryant. Langston is dying from exposure to Agent Orange. Langston is seen shooting up a pawn shop, which he has visited twice before. The older men are suspicious of the pawn-shop owner. AJ gets search warrants for the pawn shop. Callen and Sam hope AJ and Bridges will lead them to Langston. Hetty checks out Langston's house. The pawn-shop video shows Langston pawned something valuable there previously. AJ and Bridges switched cars on Callen and Sam. Deeks and Kensi go to the pawn-broker's house and caught up in a fire-fight. Callen, Sam, AJ and Bridges arrive to help out. They also find Langston at the house. Sam and Callen chase the pawn-shop owner through a secret passage. Langston said they got his key to a shipping container filled with weapons. Langston's journal had the location of the shipping container in it. Also in the container is a safe with the Vietnam-era gold bars, which have been stolen, and now the teams, old and new, have to retrieve them.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 21 Quotes

That can't be good.

Deeks [to Kensi]

Eric: Have you ever struggled with it?
Sam: I did at first, then the path became clear.
Eric: It must be nice.