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 A drugged Granger finds Heather Wilson, the woman who tried to pick him up in a bar, tied up and beaten in her apartment just as LAPD shows up and arrests him. Undersecretary Duggan visits to oversee Hetty's departure, since she didn't find the mole in the 90 days she was allotted. Granger is supposed to replace her temporarily. LAPD Detective Evans lets Sam and Callen look around on their own at Heather's apartment. Next Deeks is arrested for new evidence in his cold case. Sam finds sedatives in a nearby trash can. Then DEA finds a corpse and drugs in the trunk of Sam's car and arrests him, while Callen slips away. Kensi confronts Detective Whiting, but gets nowhere. Finally, ATF arrests Callen. Hetty keeps stalling Duggan. Heather wakes up and identifies Granger. A couple of fake guards stab the handcuffed Granger. The other team members are alternately interrogated. Hetty lets Duggan in on what's happening because she figures he could help. Kensi sneaks into Heather's room disguised as a nurse and takes out a security guard when he tries to stop her. Eric stages a fake drive-by shooting to convince Heather to go with Kensi. Heather is with the CIA. The FBI shows up and Duggan goes out to talk with them, only to get shot. The remaining team members escape through the trapdoor in the Boathouse. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Eric: Guys, you're needed up in Ops, ASAP.
Deeks: That's it? No quips?
Sam: No soliliquies?
Deeks: No nerd trivia?
Sam: No show tunes?
Deeks: No flugelhorn?
Eric: Not today.

Callen: Kens, you know I want you back in the field more than anyone.
Kensi: Not more than me.
Callen: And you seem ready. But it's not my decision.
Kensi: You can tell [Hetty] that you think I'm ready.
Callen: And she'll wait until she thinks you're ready.
Kensi: And I am.

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