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The episode opens with a Moslem man, Gabriel Mir, getting clipped by a car, then gets shoved to a trunk by a woman, Jasmine Garcia. Jasmine is a Marine Reservist, which catches the Corps' interest and gets it assigned to NCIS.

After the squad captures a high-value target in Syria last episode, Kensi is left comatose from injuries sustained on that raid. A distraught Deeks waits with Kensi's mother Julia for her to wake up.

Hetty's deal with the Undersecretary of Defense Corbin Duggan allows the team to keep working while she is taken to Washington, D.C., where she verbally jousts with Duggan over her being the mole inside the unit. Later, Duggan's assistant is getting drunk while drinking Scotch and chatting with Hetty,and Duggan comes back and catches them. 

Granger tells Nell she's going out in the field with Deeks, although she's now very conflicted about the idea. Callan and Hanna discover the missing man in a storage unit belonging to Jasmine.Deeks and Nell capture Jasmine at the storage unit, with Nell chasing her down in a stairwell. Jasmine reveals that she's been tracking Bryson Khan, Mir's cousin, who is trafficking young actresses to terrorists.Nell goes undercover as an auditioning actress to Khan's office. After he quickly dismisses Nell, she reveals that she's an NCIS agent. He doesn't believe her, and she takes him down hard. After Sam and Callan sweat Khan, he tells them where the women are being held, and the squad crashes in (literally) and rescues them.

At the hospital, Deeks proposes to comatose Kensi, and her arm moves, but the doctor tells Deeks it means nothing certain.

Back in Washington, Hetty comes to an understanding with the Secretary of Defense. If she can't find the mole in 90 days, she will resign. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

In fact, if it were up to me, your trial would look like something straight out of Salem, the only difference being those poor women were innocent.

Duggan [to Hetty]

Callen: Hetty's always got a plan.
Granger: Well, she'd better have a good one this time.