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A man walking his dog finds a headless body hanging from a flag pole. Charov is offering information, but will only give it up to Sam's wife Michelle, who has been in hiding with the rest of his family. The body has Tom Olsen's ID on it, but isn't him. Callen and Sam figured out the body was to draw Sam away from his house. Michelle can't get her gun out fast enough from a lockbox and is abducted by two masked men. Sam and Callen blame Charov for luring Michelle out, but he denies it, despite physical threats by both. Kensi and Deeks bribe the security guard to get to closed-circuit footage leaving Sam's house. A video call showing MIchelle demands the release of Tahir Khaled. Khaled had been transferred to the same prison as Charov. Khaled claims to not know anything about the kidnapping. The CIA has transferred Charov. Then Sabatino calls Sam.He shoots Charov in the leg then has Sam interrogate him. Charov was paid to lure out Michelle, but he doesn't know by whom. So Eric tracks back the payment into his account. Michelle tells Sam she has four hours of oxygen left. Khaled's release has been approved, as long as he's kept under surveillance. Michelle is fighting to stay awake. Khaled is released, and Khaled's car goes into a parking structure, with a pickup truck blocking the entrance. Five identical cars come out of the structure. Hetty calls off the pursuit, and Nell backs her up, without any authorization. Michelle didn't hear any cars, and Sam thinks the van is still in his neighborhood. Kensi and Deeks are back to the same warehouse again, but find nothing in the freezer. Eric figures out that the warehouse footage was doctored and Kensi and Deeks go back in, to gunfire. They find Michelle in the other freezer, but it's too late.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 23 Quotes

Michelle: Take care of him.
Callen: I always do.
Michelle: You better.

Sam: A hot shower?
Michelle: I thought you were a long-distance man.