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Hidoko warns Eric and Nell that Mosley doesn't allow any holiday decorations in the midst of their decorating. Then the power goes out and they run and hide. Power is actually out all over Los Angeles. Callen goes to visit FInn, but someone named Brady is living at the apartment instead. The outage is a ransomware attack. Sam takes Eric to investigate at the utilities office. A worker named Edgar Parsons becomes a person of interest, so Hidoko sends a bickering Kensi and Deeks to visit him. His mother Marilyn covers for him while he tries to escape. but Kensi tackles him. Edgar said the outage was a diversion, and that a woman had paid him $20,000 to do it. Nell finds out that Finn is living in a van with the funds he gained from renting out the apartment Callen let him keep. Nell drafts Hidoko to help her with the palm Christmas tree. Kensi and Deeks get an image of the woman who paid Edgar, and Sam IDs her as Alicia Fuentes, the sister of drug kingpin Jose Fuentes. Kensi and Deeks visit her, while Sam and Callen go to visit Jose. There is a double is Jose's cell. Alicia flees in a car, and Kensi and Deeks pursue on his motorcycle, with Deeks shooting out the tire. Sam and Callen convince Alicia to give up Jose's address. The crew goes undercover as waitstaff where Jose is headed, with Deeks as Santa. Deeks covers for Jose with Jose's son Alberto. Mosley decorated headquarters, with Nell's help. Mosley gazes wistfully at a picture of her son. Callen drops in on Finn, who bought presents for kids at the shelter with the rent money. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

Hidoko: You spent some time in drama camp, didn't you?
Eric: I dabbled in the arts.

Do you care to explain?

Mosley [to Hidoko]