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A woman is shot twice at a swimming pool. The dead woman is Navy Lt. Naomi Elder. Tom Olsen has cleaned everything out of Sam's house at his request. There's still tension between Mosley and Hidoko and the holdover agents. Deeks and Kensi track down where the sniper who killed Elder shot from. Callen found out Sam is selling his house. Kensi figures out that the shooter was a professional. Deeks and Kensi discuss the future. Callen and Sam find a gaming device among Elder's effects, and pull the micro SD card from it. It's full of classified documents. There's a copy of the documents out there already. Nell and Eric disagree over Mosley and Hidoko. Keith Stiger, who Elder was staying with, told Callen that she seemed distracted. Callen suggests Elder was communicating with someone through her Instagram comments. Eric finds out it was Gino Preston, who Sam and Callen find dead and his home trashed. They deduce that Preston was Elder's boyfriend. Kensi and Deeks track the sniper's motorcycle to the docks, but get surprised by multiple cyclists. One escapes. Sam and Callen track down that bike to the Stigers' home. They take out the shooter, but Keith Stiger has been shot. A bag with $100,000 was found at Preston's house. Mosley is annoyed because there's no one alive to interrogate. Mosley and Hidoko go back to Washington for a meeting. Sam has decided to live on a boat. He's going to name it MIchelle, after his late wife.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

Kensi: This is not just any victim. It's a Navy lieutenant on U.S.
Deeks: That's not good.
Kensi: Not good at all.

Mosley: How long would you keep talking if no one stopped you?
Deeks: Many before you have tried to find out.