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Callen's ex-girlfriend Joelle escapes after being kidnapped. She visits Callen afterward to ask for help. He has agents watch her family.  She tells Sam and Callen that she was kidnapped after dropping off her son at school. Sam and Callen aren't buying her story, but Mosley says NCIS has no choice but to investigate. Kensi and Deeks pick up Joelle's husband and son. Callen takes Joelle to Sam's boat. Sam and Harley go to check out where Joelle was held. They get trapped inside a a room and a fire erupts. Sam busts out through a wall so they can escape. Joelle's husband Nick talks with Kensi about the problems in their marriage. Sabatino reported that Joelle is still active in the CIA. Joelle said she was kidnapped by the rogue CIA faction that she left. She tells Sam and Callen that she just wants them to keep her family safe. Gunmen from the CIA break into Callen's house. Mosley wants to turn Joelle's case over to the CIA. Sam convinces her to let them check out Eric's lead about Manticore, the company who owned the warehouse where Joelle was held. Joelle said she had been placed on leave while she is being investigated by the CIA. Kensi and Deeks pretend to work at Manticore so Joelle can hear their voices. Joelle picks out Colton Leach, a company official, as the one holding her. The team gets boxed in and is soon in a firefight. Callen lets Joelle have a gun to help out, but she runs into the Manticore building instead.  Callen follows her, while Sam and Harley hold the fort. Leach says Manticore isn't a part of the CIA, but is a syndicate trying to replace the CIA. He shoots Joelle, just before Callen shoots him. Joelle pretends to be dead, so she can continue to track the syndicate.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Joelle: You're not going to believe me.
Sam: That's a given.

Just so we're clear, I don't believe you. Not a word.

Callen [to Joelle]