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Armed robbers steal key codes, and one is shot during the operation. The key codes allow access to $10 million in bitcoin. Outside were two associates of Barris Stone, a European narco-terrorist. Sam wants to go undercover as his alias Switch. Mosley wants him to visit King to make sure his alias hasn't been burned. Hidoko is going undercover with Sam. Anna is under investigation for killing Sokolov. Sam goes to visit King, now in protective custody. King tells Sam she didn't tell anybody about Switch. He reassures her she's safe even though Stone may be in the U.S. King gives Sam an old meeting spot. Mark Nichols gives up the name Sasha Channing to Kensi and Nell, and confirms Stone is in the country. Hidoko tells Sam about her husband's death. They steal diamonds to confirm Switch is still a viable alias. Trailing Channing, Deeks admits to Callen that he's thinking about a career change. Sam and Hidoko meet with Angus Reeves to pitch their services. Revealed as federal agents. Hidoko gets shot and Sam gets knocked out. Kensi and Nell provide backup fire, but Reeves takes Sam. Hidoko was protected by her Kevlar jacket. King is gone from her hiding spot. King betrayed Sam. Sam left a burner phone with a tracker signal on it. Callen and Deeks intercept the key codes, and they go after Sam. Stone plans to stream Sam's death. King offers to do it, then she shoots Stone and his henchmen. She wants to kill Stone and escape with Sam. Sam had stashed a tracker in King's brace. Sam talks her into surrendering. Mosley promises to do whatever she can for King, but tells Sam he has to figure out how he feels about King.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Callen: Sam never touches me.
Deeks: It was too much, right?

You're chronically late to the party.

Sam [to Kensi]