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A biker, Zack Fuller, trips, falls and is burned alive by napalm. Deeks gets sent back to LAPD to take a training course. Meanwhile, Sam and Callen check out the napalm site. Kensi and Hidoko find containers for napalm, which could be used for a potential bomb, in Fuller's room. Fuller left the Navy early with an honorable discharge after his program training dolphins was terminated. Amanda, a girl at the coffee shop, lied about knowing Zack. Amanda was being cyber-bullied by classmates. Sam and Callen meet Amanda's mother, Tracey, a firefighter, and they show her the cyber-bullying. Tracey said Amanda's grades had slipped. Amanda admits the bullying gets to her. Amanda knew nothing about any plan to bomb her school. A video shows Zack had an accomplice in handling the napalm. There was an explosion behind Amanda's house, caused by a methane leak. Amanda said Zack had drilled down into an oil well nearby to infiltrate a natural-gas field to try to shut down the school. Gavin and Carson Teed from the solar company, who are radical environmentalists, were Zach's accomplices. Carson is going to shoot a model rocket filled with napalm down a hole to ignite the gas field. Mosley sends the whole team to the part of the city where the Teeds are headed, taking the Roach Coach. Amanda is missing, and Sam and Callen look for her. The drone Nell is flying finds where the Teeds are holdng Amanda. Gavin is holding a dead-man's switch. Kensi and Hidoko pour cement through the roof to douse the rocket and block the hole. Callen and Sam free Amanda. The team contemplates taking Mosley out for a drink, but decides against it. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Kensi: We're waiting for a warrant.
Landlady: The boy is dead. Do your job.

Copy that. Kick some ash.