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Two men from the Diplomatic Security Service take away Callen's father Nikita. Iran wants to trade an American couple that had been arrested as spies for Nikita and Iran will send him to Russia for missiles. The U.S. government has approved that trade. Mosley says that any attempt to interfere would be considered treason. Hetty has set up a false case so the rest of the team can come up with a way to save Nikita. Nell and Eric have taken off with the taco truck. The team decides to abduct Anatoli Kirkin and offer him up instead. Mosley lets Hetty know that she's aware what the team is up to. Callen visits the barber shop of Andor Daudov, flashing cash to get information about Kirkin. Hidoko catches up with Nell and Eric. Daudov has kidnapped Jesse, one of Kirkin's boyfriends. Callen plans to bust him out, but he escapes while Sam, Callen and Hidoko are taking out Daudov's thugs. Nell and Eric find Kirkin's address by tracking his physician. Kensi and Deeks catch Kirkin there. Callen comes and arrests him. The Russians from the barber shop follow the tracker on Jesse to Anatoli's house and open fire. Anatoli escapes during the firefight. Mosley feigns ignorance when Callen gets back. Mosley gets Callen access to see his father. Mosley comes down on Hidoko for going behind her back. Callen offers to help Nikita escape, but he refuses. Callen and Alexandra are on hand when Nikita gets turned over to the Iranians in exchange for the two Americans. Nikita smiles when he sees the couple reunited with their children.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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