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Rookie FBI Agent Zoe Morris is creeping around a hospital morgue. Deeks tells Kensi he wants to run a bar with her. Zoe contacts Callen about a dead Marine. When they and Sam go to the morgue, the tied-up medical examiner tells them the Marine's body has been stolen. All Kensi, Deeks and Hidoko found among the Marine's personal effects was the napkin from a coffee shop. Mosley meets the trio at the morgue. Morris is working an unsanctioned case. She suspects that the dead Marine died from exposure to carfentanyl. A woman at the coffee shop said the dead man's name is Gabe, and he lives nearby. Hetty reminds Callen that he has bent regulations just like Zoe did. Residue on the morgue sheet shows that the corpse was exposed to large amounts of carfentanyl. They send away Zoe's partner Fred. A man with a gun at Gabe's apartment tries to run, but Deeks takes him down. The man, Gus, gives up his boss's name, Raul, to Sam and Callen. Hetty walks in on Nell and Eric, who were about to kiss. The victim is a veteran named Gabe Schroeder, who worked as security at Raul's Nursery. While Deeks and Kensi distract the worker, Zoe looks for the drugs or Gabe's body without any luck. Gabe recently rented a storage unit. Sam and Callen go to check it and end up shooting three men, while the fourth, Raul, escapes with a duffel bag. Gabe was living at the storage unit, holding the drugs for the FBI. Gus says Raul is opening a restaurant, so everybody heads there. A shootout ensues. Sam and Callen lay down a spike strip to stop Raul. Raul opens a package of carfentanyl, to kill himself. Gabe is buried with full military honors. Deeks shows off the bar he bought. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 21 Quotes

Sam: You both need to learn to adapt.
Callen: The only way I'm going to learn to adapt is to buy a Fiat and learn to pout.
Sam: All you would need is the Fiat.

You need a reminder the world is coming to an end? I thought that's what Twitter is for.

Nell [to Eric]