Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 19 online, to see missile test go awry, and the team investigate the situation with the help of a young computer specialist.

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Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 19 online, to see missile test go awry, and the team investigate the situation with the help of a young computer specialist.

A team and a group of onlookers watch a missile test goes awry and a civilian navel target is destroyed.

Deeks is celebrating St Patrick day on his own accord, as he does with all days. Hetty and Beale brief the group of the situation.

Sam and Callen talk to the coast guard about the situation -- trying to figure out if there were passengers on the ship, and why it was a target. There was proof of drugs being possibly smuggled.

Deeks and Kensi visit the headquarters for the missile company. They find the root of the hack as part of an email chain disguised as an invite to a conference from the military.

Nell helps piece together the license plate for the boat. The boat is registered to a Dentist, and he says his son has been living on the boat. But his son is fine, so they need to figure out how his boat went from the marina to the coast.

Dr. Stanley explains the presence of the drugs.

Kensi and Deeks find Wyatt, and says he has one roommate that doesnt like him, and that the roommate has "mad computer skills."

Sam and Callen spy on Dr. Stanley.

The police sidetrack Callen and Sam's stakeout.

The laptop Kensi tries to extract information from is protected from such attempts.

"Disavow" is a hacking group that Josh, Wyatt's roommate, is a part of.

Hetty and Owen bring in a senior at college, "Blaze," and Nell is thrown off.

Wyatt's girlfriend confirms that Josh is a "freak."

Eric flirts with Blaze.

Blaze meets Josh in person but her backpack get stolen, and she disappears. Kensi and Deeks loose control of the situation.

Josh's crew is the one that stole Blaze's backpack, and she's now in the "club." The GPS tracker on Josh's backpack is secure though.

Josh tries to stop Blaze from talking to Eric and Nell but she gets the best of him. Kensi and Deeks question Josh.

Josh denies hating Wyatt, but Blaze discovers some internal drama between Isaac and Josh. Josh denies doing anything wrong -- it turns out that Isaac planted the data on Josh's computer to frame him.

Isaac turns out to by Wyatt himself.

Sam and Callen interrogate Wyatt.

Wyatt says that Malee told him that Josh tried to rape her using a date rape drug. They didnt go to the police because they knew the hackers could fudge any proof. Wyatt says he did it for Malee.

Josh still denies doing anything wrong.

Malee has a fake Thai password, and she's actually for Jakarta. It turns out Malee was the one looking for the hacking software.

Wyatt realizes that he told Malee about a safe in his home. Sam and Callen head to his house with him in tow, and they enter to find that the software is missing, and Dr. Stanley has been killed.

Blaze has been captured by Malee's group.

Sam and Callen rescuse Blaze, while Malee goes on the run.

Sam ends up having to take out Malee when she continues to flee.

Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 19 online and see how the new honorary team member fits in with the group.

Episode Details

On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 19, when a missile is sent off course during a missle test, the team investigates and a young computer specialist is brought in.

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NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Sam: G's in the wrong place.
Callen: Yeah, where do you want me?
Sam: Not you, the letter.

Deeks: What, am I the only student of psychology here?
Sam: No, no, no go ahead Dr. Phil.