Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 18 online to witness the team hunts for the person who set an explosion that killed three FBI agents.

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Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 18 online to witness the team hunts for the person who set an explosion that killed three FBI agents, while Kensi and Deeks get split up.

An exchange is conducted for explosives. The target seems to be Los Angeles. The men are cut off by the FBI almost immediately but an explosion goes off regardless and kills three men. Conway nearly misses the danger.

Deeks and Kensi train together and notice a strange woman taking pictures of them.

Nell, Eric, and the gang have a meeting about the case. Jalel Nasri was undercover for the sting operation, but dead with the rest in the explosion.

This case seems to be about liability, because of which department the explosives came from.

Hetty reassigns the teams.

Callen and Deeks try to make chitchat. Callen asks about Kensi. Deeks try to play off their relationship.

The DOD tell Callen and Deeks that all procedure was followed.

Kensi and Sam are at the crime scene.

They discover that there was a remote controlled bomb in the van that was detonated once FBI agents had arrived.

They find footprints at a possible vantage point.

They believe that the killer is sending a message by the clues he has left behind.

Eric, Deeks, and Callen try to figure out what the watch left behind means. Deeks tries to talk to Hetty about the woman spying on him and Kensi, and Hetty remains vague. She makes it seem like him and Kensi are in danger and need to stay apart for the day.

Sam warns Kensi about how life changing kids can be.

Deeks and Callen talk to one of the terrorists and say that his brother, who's dying and needs a kidney, can't get one until he cooperates. Dogan says him and his brother didn't commit the bombing. Deeks and Callen are lying about the younger brother.

He says he took the truck to a "Lakeview Repair." Sam and Kensi go to check it out.

The guy who runs the shop turns to be Vikhil Shah. He has the remote detonator and says today's attack wil not be the last.

Shah seems like he wanted to be found and make everyone aware of the second attack. He has a personal vendetta against Conway because she ran the op that got his nephew arrested.

Kensi worries about the woman from that morning.

Shah reveals to Sam and Callen that he believes the FBI to be responsible for corrupting the mind of a troubled young man and providing him with a bomb.

The woman following Kensi says that she is a Detective and that she's only interested in Deeks.

Shah says that a plan created by the government itself will be carried through.

Shah's nephew claims he would rather be helping his Uncle than the feds.

Sam tells Callen that he needs to break Shah.

The target turns out to be the FBI task force office -- where Sam is.

Shah has manipulated two other brothers into helping him out. Kensi and Deeks head over to Sam, together.

Sam manages to talk the two brothers out of detonating the bomb.

Kensi, Deeks and Hetty discuss Detective Jacquelyn and LAPD's mysterious case against Deeks.

Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 18 online in order to relive the mysterious case of LAPD's investigation of Deeks.

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On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 18, the team hunts for the person who set an explosion that killed three FBI agents and Kensi and Deeks are assigned new partners.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Deeks: Who else knows?
Callen: Sam, Nell, Hetty of course, Eric took a little while.

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