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While Agent Brody is part of a security detail for Admiral Pack, one of the other agents is shot and killed. Pride and LaSalle soon show up to start the investigation. The learn that a local union was disgruntled at the admiral for lost jobs and had threatened him.

An investigator looking into the shooting apparently has it in for Brody and begins questioning her about the incident on the U.S.S. Moultrie, which resulted in five deaths after a disgruntled petty officer detonated an explosive device.

The union leader denies making the threats against Admiral Pack, and the team discovers that the threats were sent by one Shane Tash, who claims that Pack was getting kickbacks. He denies shooting Hackett

After reconstructing the incident, Sebastian and Patton Plame realize that the admiral could not have been the intended target, so the team redirects their attentions to Agent Hackett's life.

Hackett specifically requested the detail in New Orleans, which was his hometown. There were calls on his phone to a local gym, Senator Klain, and a mysterious Colorado number. Hackett and Klain were high school buddies, and Klain suggests that another high school colleague, "Moke," who runs the gym, may have motive.

Moke denies killing Hackett, but tells them that Hackett came to him to get an untraceable gun for another former high school classmate, Reagan Norris. Reagan was apparently having domestic trouble with her husband Alec, who attacked Reagan and Hackett at the bar the night before Hackett was killed. Reagan's son Dylan has liver cancer and is very sick.

The team locates Reagan through her phone, which was the source of the mysterious Colorado number, and discover her corpse in a dumpster outside a motel. Alec walks into the morgue with Dylan and is promptly arrested. He claims that he and Dylan were camping when she was killed, though he suspected that Hackett was Dylan's real father after liver transplant compatability tests revealed he wasn't a match for Dylan.

The team soon learns that Senator Klain was the real father, and he wanted to protect his political asipirations, so he killed Hackett, who wanted to convince him to take a transplant test. Reagan's death was an accident.

Brody finally faces her fears and sits down with Agent Anson to discuss the Moultrie incident, revealing that she hesitated because the petty officer's eyes reminded her of her dead twin sister who had been killed by a drunk driver only days earlier.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

"Lab assistant" is not cool!

Patton Plame

Loretta Wade: Merri, how I see this space: it's my temple. And all who enter here are afforded solace and protection. And that goes for both the dead as well as the living.