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After a doctor and his girlfriend are murdered in Charleston, South Carolina, Agent Pride suspects that his old nemesis Paul "Baitfish" Jenks (NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 11) was behind it. Pride has been tracking the criminal since he made his escape after blowing up a gala.

While Brody and LaSalle are worried about Pride's growing obsession with hunting Baitfish down, they help him look into it anyway. They learn that the doctor was somehow involved with selling oxycodone out of his free clinic in Charleston and figure that Jenks was involved, possibly behind it as part of growing his own little criminal syndicate.

Pride approaches Frank Broussard in prison in the hopes of getting information, but Broussard is murdered before he gives anything up.

While investigating the clinic, they encouter ATF Agent Sonja Percy, who says that the doctor had no clue about the drug sales until he was tipped off by Broussard. They discover that Broussard was murdered by a corrupt prison gard, Lorna, who then attacks Broussard's cousin Sasha, who fatally shoots him.

They believe that Jenks was behind the attack, and they go after a drug shipment at the docks. But Jenks isn't there, and it's the ATF agent undercover again. Pride lets her go.

Later, Pride finally makes the connection and realizes that seemingly-innocent Sasha is actually behind the whole thing, manipulating events from behind the scenes, but he has no proof. He secretly meets with Agent Percy to work together to find evidence.

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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

[about Baitfish] One of those individuals who can't seem to stay dead.


"Stole" implies you have no intention to give it back!