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A Navy recruiter, Maggie Berenger, is intentionally run over by a car.

As the team investigates, LaSalle worries over his brother Cade's condition, though Cade insists that he's doing well in his treatment for his bipolar disorder, and re-introduces his brother to an old school friend, Savannah, who's now running the clinic where Cade's getting his treatment.

Maggie was looking after two foster children, biological brothers Danny and CJ. Maggie was clean, but it was apparent that she was upset about something.

The team discovers that the social service agency was keeping money that was supposed to go to the boys, but the fraud-committing social worker commits suicide. He wasn't the one who killed Maggie, though, as he was in a meeting with his lawyer at the time of her death.

An old fracture of Maggie's ulna makes the team look closer to home, and investigate possible domestic abuse. The eventually learn that Danny was selling drugs for Bull Costigan, who is also the boys' biological father. They locate Costigan as he attempts to flee to Mobile with the boys, and they successfully arrest him.

Danny decides to apply to become CJ's legal guardian, and Dr. Wade offers him a room in her home and a job at the morgue to support them.

LaSalle returns home to discover that Cade is in a major manic phase, having wrecked the home.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Danny: I get you're some kind of doctor or whatever, but it don't really look like your patients do so good.
Loretta: Don't be a smart-ass.

Chris, there's a difference between manic and happy.