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Pride gathers the team to discuss the murder of Baitfish, the coming "storm" Baitfish mentioned before his death, and the problem that they have a mole somewhere.

They then have to deal with a dead logistics specialist at the port. They discover that he was murdered in front of a container that was used to smuggle people into the country. Pride goes to his father for help in digging up the corruption.

Sebastian determines that the smuggled people were Ecuadorean women. With ATF Agent Sonja Percy's help, they track down the women, who tell them that a bad man with a fire and machete tattoo killed the sailor. The murderer is identified as Solomon Ekpo, a west African terrorist.

Pride's father reveals that the mole is Captain Messier. The team tracks down Messier and find that Ekpo has tortured him. Messier tells them what he knows, which isn't much.

A mortar is stolen from a Navy base, and the team realizes that the target is a nuclear power plant. They soon narrow down the location thanks to Messier's information, and they head out without waiting for backup.

Pride locates the stolen mortar and kills Epko's lieutenant before disabling the mortar. He then is caught by Epko, who is infuriated by the destruction of his plot. LaSalle shoots Epko before Epko can shoot Pride.

Back at the office, Sonja Percy tells Pride that she wants to join his NCIS team.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Knocking just gives the dudes on the other side of the door time to load up and aim!

Sonja Percy

If there were a Professional Corruption League, you would have been the LeBron James.