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LaSalle is having a nice romantic time with his girlfriend Savannah when he gets a desperate call from his brother Cade. Cade reveals that his girlfriend, Windi, is dead in the trunk of his car, but he claims that he has no memory of the past few hours.

NOPD arrests Cade, and the evidence against him stacks up quickly.

Pride does his best to keep LaSalle away from the case, ordering him to assist ATF Agent Sonja Percy with a sting operation with a Navy sailor selling guns.

LaSalle doesn't stay away, however, and illegally searches Windi's house, turning up a hidden camera planted there by a stalker who Windi knew in college. The stalker denies killing Windi, and offers up video proof that Cade was responsible.

Sebastian, however, determines that the video was altered, and Windi had argued with the stalker. The stalker, however, turns out to have an alibi.

Pride tells everyone to reexamine everything. Brody realizes that the charm Windi was wearing did not belong to her, and everything soon unravels when Sebastian learns that Cade was roofied and therefore couldn't have killed Windi.

Brody inadvertantly walks into the house of the real killers, and shoots them both.

Cade leaves flowers at the home of Windi's mother and leaves town to visit his own mother. Meanwhile, Savannah is preparing a lovely romantic dinner for LaSalle when Paul Jenks shows up and aims a gun at her, saying that he wanted to send Pride a message, and that "You'll do."

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Savannah: You know, when I let you cheat off my papers in high school, I had no idea what I was getting into.
LaSalle: You didn't even know I existed.
Savannah: What, cute guy with the big ears? I knew you were back there!

Cade's version of crazy is painting Chris's place like a Jackson Pollock!