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A Navy culinary specialist is at her family's restaurant when the kitchen explodes, nearly killing her and several other people. Pride, meanwhile, is harried as he tries to keep up with his own bar, and feeling frustrated as many concerns pull him in different directions.

At the same time the team investigates the explosion, Brody is in Washington, D.C. looking into the leak that resulted in the end of General Matthews's career. She doesn't seem to be getting very far when she gets picked up by a pair of very unfriendly FBI agents who accuse her of photographing a federal building.

She is bailed out by Special Agent John Russo of Homeland Security, who informs her that he is also investigating the leak and suggests that the combine their forces and work together. They discover that a man named Glenn Franklin on staff at NSA front corporation Channel Industries was responsible. They go to find him, but he has hanged himself.

Back in New Orleans, the team discovers that Danielle's kitchen torch was sabotaged, causing it to explode, meaning that Danielle herself was the target. They learn that she had been behaving oddly and finally discover that she was attempting to save her mother from abuse at the hands of her step-father.

When her step-father realized what Danielle was up to, he sabotaged the torch and later attempted to kill her by overdose in the hospital. With the help of Danielle's mother, they trick the step-father into confessing to his crimes and arrest him.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Taylor: I'm clean! I reinvented myself.
Percy: Oh, is *that* why you've been missing all those meetings with your probation officer?

Brody: I thought I was buying *you* dinner?
Special Agent John Russo: Saved you the receipt!